Sun, Sea, Mud and Yew Trees

B in Eaves Wood yesterday.

A short stroll most notable for the great delight which B took in collecting pine cones and snail shells, waving sticks about, hiding from and seeking out S and myself and climbing trees.

‘It’s much better than the park Dad.’ was his verdict.

He had wanted to go to the playing field. It would have been nice to have been playing in the snow, but this weeks big national news story has mostly passed us by.

The morning had been bright, but by the afternoon the sky was mostly clouded over. Odd patches of blue and breaks in the cloud did allow the sun to break through and light up the bay beyond the trees.

Sun, Sea, Mud and Yew Trees

4 thoughts on “Sun, Sea, Mud and Yew Trees

  1. dragonmage06 says:

    That last pictures is simply stunning! I love the way the light makes the trees in the foreground into silhouettes.

    That tree B is in looks like a lot of fun, too!

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