Ice Bell

I love to walk alone, but a walk in good company is hard to beat. I’ve know X-Ray for a few years now, but we normally meet in the Wagon and Horses, the George and Dragon, the Sun or another of Lancaster’s many hostelries. A perfect opportunity to natter you might think, but there’s nothing quite like a lengthy stroll to grease the gears of conversation. We covered a lot of ground on Sunday. One of the many topics we touched upon was school sport, and our attitude to competition. Now unlike X-Ray, I’m very competitive – not to the point where I let losing upset me, but I like to compete and when I compete I like to win. An element of that competitive streak informs my blogging.

For a while now Ron, of Walking Fort Bragg, and I have enjoyed a rivalry over Crooked Tree photos (Tom at Wigger’s World seems to have unwittingly entered the fray with an outstandingly twisted tree). Photos on Ron’s blog have also prompted me to search out images of spider’s webs and water droplets. The stunning wildlife photos on In a Dark Time have me pondering whether I need a new camera. Which is a purely hypothetical speculation since I shan’t be buying one any time soon, and anyway we know what’s said about bad workman and their tools…

The quality of thought and expression on several blogs that I follow makes me wonder whether I really ought to ‘keep my mouth shut and be thought a fool, rather than open it and remove all possible doubt’.

Anyway, whilst we descended into the Kentmere valley on Sunday, our bridleway crossed a tiny streamlet, thoroughly coated in ice. And (in the bottom left corner of the photo) a long icicle which by hanging into the stream had accreted new layers of ice at its base to create an ‘ice bell’. I’ve spent enough time on icy hills, I must have seen this phenomena before, but was I ever aware that I was seeing it? This time I was looking out for it, inevitably because I saw photographs of ice bells on the Internet. Incidentally, were this a competition then I’m afraid that Riverdaze would win hands down. But I’m happy – I found my very own example and have added one more motif to my totemic alphabet.

Next time I intend to get a close up which is actually in focus.

Ice Bell

One thought on “Ice Bell

  1. dragonmage06 says:

    Very pretty pictures! I wish we had ice in Florida >.>

    I clicked on the links to the blogs you were talking about and I totally agree about how amazing they are. I, too, feel the need to get a new camera and that they blow my blogs out of the water 😛

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