A photo I inexplicably omitted after last week’s walk. I liked the way the honeysuckle winds around the tree trunk. The honeysuckle leaves are another ‘outrider of spring’. This phrase is lifted from Roger Deakin’s ‘Notes From Walnut Tree Farm’ which I’ve just begun to read. Expect much more about this book in forthcoming posts.

I have been out for several dawdles this weekend, all necessarily short and at toddler pace but fruitful and satisfying none the less. Can’t tell you about them yet because flickr is being awkward about rotating the photos I took in portrait orientation. As blogging has become an obsession (you may have noticed), my desire to get out and about at weekends has become even more pronounced. The need to stretch my legs, fill my lungs, blow away the cobwebs is ever present, but now I also need to explore, find new images, material – grist for the mill. Today I went to find out about a couple of things that I mentioned in posts almost exactly a year ago. Of which more later…(when flickr will play).

Finally, a quote from 365 Walks, whom I discovered in the blogroll at Walk – the magazine of the Ramblers’ Association.

Keep writing. Don’t let them block you. Keep walking. Don’t let life stop you. Watch for rainbows and feathers! Be idiotically persistent in your endeavors!

I love the idea of being ‘idiotically persistent’, I suppose some would describe that as being pig-headed. I can live with that.


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