Blackbird Bathing

I’ve spent a lot of time at home of late, and have really enjoyed the birds in the garden – robins, chaffinchs, blue tits, great tits, goldfinches, goldcrests, bullfinches, coal tits….

The bird bath has been more busy than usual with a collared dove making a few visits and a brief dip by a bullfinch, but it’s blackbirds which display the most gusto and enjoyment when bathing there.

I see this bird in our garden regularly, at least I assume that it’s the same bird I keep seeing because of the distinctive white marks on his neck…

Blackbird Bathing

4 thoughts on “Blackbird Bathing

  1. loren says:

    This looks more like a black American Robin than it does like any of the blackbirds we get around here.

    I’m always a little amazed how different birds look in different areas.

  2. Hi Mark…
    I enjoyed catching up on you walks/postings…
    I can not pict my favourite picture as hard as I might try.. The Blackbird (I have one on show today)The bent tree, or the kids in the split trunk… all great shots for sure. Hope you had a great Mothers Day weekend.

    Wiggers World

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