The God of Small Things

A very hairy moss on a wall on Humphrey Head

You could spend a lifetime studying a hedgerow or a pond.

Roger Deakin Notes from Walnut Tree Farm

A man looking at reality brings his own limitations to the world. If he has strength and energy of mind the tide pool stretches both ways, digs back to electrons and leaps space into the universe and fights out of the moment into non-conceptual time. Then ecology has a synonym which is ALL.

John Steinbeck from Sea of Cortez: a Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research

On one of our walks X-Ray was extolling the virtues of Steinbeck, a writer who has completely eluded my radar. By chance I picked up Cannery Row from readitswapit and loved it. I shall see X-Ray at the weekend. Must tell him.

The God of Small Things

5 thoughts on “The God of Small Things

  1. Its good to get really up close to stuff like this. I got myself a little eyegalss thingy for this kind of thing and, for me, its lichens, specially when they’re “flowering”. I did a course on mosses but I had to admit at the end of the day that most of them looked the same to me (34 different types of sphagnum!_

  2. Hi,
    It has been worth trawling through blog lists all evening to find this gem – beautifully observed and presented, if I may say. Gone midnight, again! I will be back to read and enjoy. Rob

  3. beatingthebounds says:

    34? Wow! I have to confess that I’m completely clueless as far as mosses and lichens are concerned.

    How kind of you to say so Rob. I checked out both of your blogs and liked what I saw so shall add them to my blogroll.

  4. beatingthebounds says:

    Synchronicity at work here Ron – in this weekend’s paper I read a recommendation of that very book and thought that it sounded like just my sort of thing. Clearly, I shall have to seek it out.

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