March Many Weathers

True to form, March has brought windy and changeable weather. Snow had been forecast for this weekend, but in the event we had one very sharp frost and a couple of cold bright spring days. Yesterday afternoon, A and I, accompanied by A’s friend S and her Dad R, went for a wander around Eaves Wood. Initially, we headed for the Pepper Pot, with the girls confidently in charge of navigation. TBH and the boys were all at home catching up on sleep, and without baby S along examining every rock and twig on the path we walked at a lively pace, something which I clearly need more practise at.

It was a very clear day and the views from Castlebarrow were good.

Ingleborough isn’t always easy to pick out over the treetops.

Across the bay to the south, beyond Heysham power station, Blackpool Tower’s homage to Eiffel rises high above the Lancashire coast.

But the most dramatic view was provided by the cloud and the light out over the sea.

The girls had spent most of the morning together perched in a tree, but clearly hadn’t run out of topics of conversation – we could follow their progress as they disappeared in and out of the trees around the top by their incessant nattering.

R showed us the geocache stashed in a gryke near the Pepper Pot. The next part of our walk was in part an effort to find a suitable location for a new geocache.

March Many Weathers

2 thoughts on “March Many Weathers

  1. Hi Mark, Sounds like a good stroll. With my kids I have an occasional habit of stashing a tiny found object – a seashell, smoothed fragment of glass, bottle top – inside a hole in a wooden post or wall and then looking to see if it is still there next time we pass that way. Usually it isn’t (probably because we have forgotten where to look) but so exciting when it is! (Well, for me anyway).

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