Burton Well Wood with the Last Action Hero

We’ve had some glorious sunny weather this week. Yesterday afternoon, I managed to take advantage of it with a post work walk with an all action hero…

Aside from a couple of short rests in his houdah – “Rucksack Daddy, rucksack.” – he ran or strode purposefully all the way. Crossing the first field he was fascinated by the deep corrugated ruts left by tractor tyres. These led us to Silverdale Green past this run down brick barn with its attendant red telephone box…


…and this curious little building, which I assume is some kind of folly…

I had thought that we might return to Pointer Wood, but S was all for turning left towards Bottoms Lane. I adjusted my plan, thinking that this would provide a chance to visit Lambert’s Meadow. We passed Burton Well Cottage and entered the wood. In a corner which was bedecked with snowdrops a while back…

…a solitary garden escapee. (Cyclamen?)

The Lambert’s Meadow plan was scotched when S saw a path snaking off into the wood and took another left turn. He found sticks to carry, and rocks to clamber on so he was happy.

I found new horse chestnut leaves…

And something peering out of this tree trunk…

Some kind of inkcaps…?

We also found another tree with a hollow at the base of the trunk. This one looked like it might be occupied with disturbed earth around openings in the roots.

Anybody in there?

OK – you asked for it!

The warrior with his spears – just going wild.

Burton Well Wood with the Last Action Hero

4 thoughts on “Burton Well Wood with the Last Action Hero

  1. Looks as though you both thoroughly enjoyed the walk in the sunshine. Can you send some my way as it has been fog and mist for two days and it’s looking like a third.
    Young eyes help to see the things we come to take for granted as everything is new and exciting for them.

  2. dragonmage06 says:

    Your son is sooooo cute! I love the pictures of him and leaves and the mushrooms. You have such beautiful walking areas around you. I’m jealous!

  3. Cyclamen hederifolium
    “Gdn cultivar, long introd in wds in Kent, Sussex, etc (S Eur)” according to my book, which has it flowering in Aug/Sept! But there’s no mistaking this one.

  4. beatingthebounds says:

    Thanks Martin – really appreciate the information. I always thought that Cyclamens were winter flowering – just shows what I know! How odd that these were flowering now.

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