Leaning Against a Wall

After a tiring day spent insulating our loft, TBH and I decided to take a quick stroll and take in some fresh air. Whilst she washed away the irritating residue of mineral wool, I sat on a bench in our garden drinking a cup of tea. She was taking a while, so when the tea was gone, I shuffled down the drive and across the road to lean on a wall and get a view of the changing western sky uninterrupted by houses or trees. The sun, setting whilst I watched, was glazing the sign outside the church with gold…

…and painting the clouds with colour…


The wall itself was not without interest…

We did eventually go for our short wander. The moon was already high in the sky to light our way when the sun set.

You’ve seen better pictures of the moon obviously. But I’m astonished that I can get results like this with a relatively cheap hand held camera. What would Galileo and his contemporaries make of it? B is quite moon obsessed – I can see that I shall have to find out about the craters and seas evident here.

Leaning Against a Wall

5 thoughts on “Leaning Against a Wall

  1. dragonmage06 says:

    I love all the sky pictures. They’re simply gorgeous. And that’s an interesting mold pattern on the wall. It’s amazing how nature can be so symmetrical sometimes.

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Thanks folks!
    My camera is an Olympus 560 Ron, a ‘super-zoom’ with a fixed lens (ie not SLR), but with a high degree of zoom.

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