Tadpoles and Bullfinches

A bit late with this one…

On Easter Monday we took a family walk (9 of us) to the Wolfhouse Gallery for lunch. It was warm and sunny and we were able to sit outside to eat. Actually, we always sit outside whatever the weather or season, so that the kids can play on the swings, slide and climbing frame, but on this occasion it was a pleasure to do so.

We walked there via Woodwell and found the pond full of life…

Something lurking…


And lots of ’em!

By the pond the golden saxifrage was flowering…

And in the woods below the cliff, the first bluebells I’ve seen flowering this year.


Later in the week, the pair of bullfinches were back on the feeders. This time they were much less skittish and stayed on the feeder for quite some time. The male was pretty coy and always kept the feeder between us, but I had a good chance to photograph his drabber companion…

It seems to me that bullfinches nearly always come in pairs – are they proverbial for there fidelity and loyalty? Or are they just serial monogamists?

Tadpoles and Bullfinches

2 thoughts on “Tadpoles and Bullfinches

  1. Nice to see the tadpoles. The spawn in my pond seems to be sterile this year. Only ever seen a Bullfinch fleetingly once so I am envious of you having a visiting pair.

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