The Earth Moved


A late evening rainbow. The third of these four trees in the field behind our house has a mini rookery. Last year there were two nests, this year three.

What I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post was Tuesday’s great excitement. We had our own earthquake. Ulverston across the bay was the epicentre and it was apparently 3.5 on the Richter scale, so pretty small beer as these things go. But my first experience and quite disconcerting – our building shuddered and groaned. My boss and I went outside expecting to see…well, perhaps a light aircraft sticking out of the roof.

That day at work was also enlivened by a woodpecker feeding on a pear tree just outside the room in which we were meeting. A female woodpecker, or so my colleague, who is a proper birder, tells me.

The Earth Moved

3 thoughts on “The Earth Moved

  1. Great evening photo with the rainbow and the red tint to the trees.
    It is indeed disconcerting when the ground moves. Many years since the only daylight one I experienced.

  2. We had an earthquake in Southampton last year. We weren’t the centre but felt the effect. I was sat at my computer at 2 in the morning with my hand on the mouse when I felt … something. Neighbours thundering about; a bomb going off; then I flicked on Ceefax News and there it was!

    Looking at your post again, maybe it was an atomic woodpecker …

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