More Garden Birds

We had a pair of goldfinches on the feeders again today. This time I managed to get an uninterrupted view of one of them.

The bullfinches were, as ever, in a pair too, but today it was the female I caught…

This coal tit was alone, and enjoying a vigorous bath in our ‘spring’.

That’s it for today. Just what it said on the tin.

More Garden Birds

8 thoughts on “More Garden Birds

  1. Good over-the-shoulder shot of the Goldfinch, showing the markings on the back – don’t usually see this view.
    Some old ladies I’ve known who didn’t quite get it right with the lipstick ended up with a face like that.

  2. Great shots. The back view of a Goldfinch, with that black and white, always reminds me of an old fashioned tail coat with its buttons.

  3. I missed a chance at 3 male Bull Finches 2 weeks ago… I bent down to take a shot of a snail… something caught my eye and there right in front of me on a hawthorn was 3 beauties. Of course as soon as I move off they went. I was gutted. Quite rare sightings around here over the last few years.

  4. dragonmage06 says:

    Birds are so very beautiful, aren’t they? My mom and I spent the last four days of our roadtrip at my godparents’ house in Pennsylvania and they have several bird feeders which attracted tons of really interesting birds. I had so much fun taking pictures of all of them. I think I need to convince my mom to put a feeder out in our yard, too, and see what birds it attracts.

  5. beatingthebounds says:

    Thanks Ron
    Still maintaining radio silence. I’m back at work, but at the moment not inclined to get out for a walk afterwards. Soon I hope.

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