A Pot of Gold

Ironically, whilst I’ve been laid up the weather has been stunning. Now it’s broken, but yesterday’s clouds and rain brought an amazing double rainbow.

The second arc stands out a little better here…

And also the fact that the sky bounded by the rainbow looked much lighter than that outside it. Is that a well known phenomena? I don’t recall noticing it before.

I haven’t messed with the saturation or colour on these photos at all. I took quite a few.

In lieu of anything intelligent to say about rainbows I’ll ask a question. Is anybody out there in the blogosphere familiar with the books of Mary Webb? I’ve done quite a bit of reading whilst I haven’t been going out for evening walks. Amongst other novels I finally got round to revisiting Thomas Hardy and read Far From The Madding Crowd. I enjoyed it immensely. Then last weekend I picked up Gone To Earth by Mary Webb from our local coffee morning book stall. I’m no expert on literature, but it seems to me that the this book bears comparison with the Hardy, and has a great deal in common with it. But we don’t hear about Webb’s Shropshire like we do about Hardy’s Wessex. Apparently, Webb wasn’t particularly successful during her own lifetime, but gained some posthumous popularity after a ringing endorsement from Stanley Baldwin.


A little searching and referral to Wikipedia reveals that Cold Comfort Farm is a parody of Mary Webb, and that there was a Powell and Pressburger film of Gone to Earth.


An fascinating article on rainbows reveals that the paler sky within the rainbow is normal, that the secondary rainbow is reversed (check out the second photo above), and that the sky between the rainbows is the darkest of all and is called Alexander’s band.

A Pot of Gold

8 thoughts on “A Pot of Gold

  1. fatdogwalks says:

    Knew sod all about rainbows before that Mark. Fascinating stuff. I know I have one decent rainbow photo (I think) from a couple of years back and am now off to check it out. Thanks for that…would never have thought to check myself.

    How’s things on the mobility front…picking up I hope? I’m missing your local walks with their inbuilt nature guide.

  2. Beautiful photos of a difficult subject, Mark. It’s a while since I’ve seen a double rainbow. I knew the colours were reversed but hadn’t noticed the differences in light and dark, too busy looking at the colours! Thanks for the information. There is always something new to learn.

    I trust your recovery is going well. John

  3. Mary says:


    Mary Webb is one of my favorite authors and I am in the process of preparing an exhibition and catalogue that will be at the Grolier Club in Manhattan from end January 2010 to Mid-March 2010 then travel to Stanford University in California from May through August 2010.

    If you are looking for a couple of excellent biographies, go to abebooks.com and search for Author: Gladys Mary Coles and her two biographies THE FLOWER OF LIGHT (1978) and MARY WEBB (1990). The first is more detailed but the second is better written.

    Hope this helps. Gone to Earth is excellent but Precious Bane is her masterpiece for which she won the Prix Femina and the elegy from Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin six months after her death that resulted in decades of post-humous fame.


  4. I had an Aunt and Uncle who died on the same day. During their funeral it began to rain. And there to everyone’s surprise there appeared a double rainbow, as beautiful as ever. You know the saying, GOD made rainbows to remind us that he would never let the world end in a flood again!

  5. beatingthebounds says:

    No Diana, I didn’t know the saying – but I like it. Mind you- the more fatalistic amongst us, given the climate predictions recently put out in the UK, might feel that some fairly final flooding is just what we have in store!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment.

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