Bees and a Hover Fly

We have a hebe flowering at the bottom of our garden which has been very busy of late. I found a few moments to try to snap some of the bees at work there.

I’ve tentatively identified this as the cuckoo bee psithyrus barbutellus which apparently passes its eggs off onto the very similar looking bumble bee bombus terrestris in the same way that a cuckoo would. What distinguishes the former from the latter is the yellow patch on the abdomen just above the white.

I’m thinking that this…

…is a honey bee, but I’m happy to be corrected.

This is more of a puzzle however…

…it seems that it’s a hover fly, but beyond that I’ve struggled. It’s a little like a drone fly, but I think too brightly coloured. It’s also quite like myathropa florae but lacks a couple of pale bands on its thorax (upper back). My guide does say that there about 250 species of hover flies in the UK and it only covers a small proportion of that total, so perhaps its something not in my book.

Bees and a Hover Fly

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