The Language of Leaves

Leaves are of more various forms than the alphabets of all languages put together

Henry David Thoreau A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers

Another bright sunny afternoon in the woods. S and I are out on a spree. Actually, we are only in the woods briefly due to our very slow pace. Our stats are:

Distance: Less than a mile

Time: An hour and a half, including stops.

(There walk stats = a proper walking blog. Just need to review a few stoves now!)

Although, our pace is so slow that sometimes I’m not sure whether we have stopped or not. We do sit down at one point for a drink and a snack. S is very excited about a very voluble Robin’s song. Also, he has a stick of course.

Meanwhile, I’m entranced by the leaves, and the dappled light, and the way the leaves fill with light and glow.

Be they dried husks on the floor, or green thoughts in a green shade…


Isn’t that green tree-mendous? (Sorry)

Now that I know where to look for it, I can usually find thin curls of papery bark catching the sun on days like this too…

In all, a wonderful rest cure from Doctor Sun. And the best part is – it wasn’t even my idea to head this way – S was insistent.


The Language of Leaves

5 thoughts on “The Language of Leaves

  1. Yes Mark, what did happen to the ‘bloggy map’?
    And the stove review?
    ….no, we’ll let you off that, just this once, and have a proper look at your nice leaves.
    What, no coffee shop?

  2. Come to that, you also haven’t described whether you were wearing silk or synthetic undies, how you rehydrated yourself (Platypus or rinky-dink trad method of plunging head in stream?) and what f-number you used for your shots. Tut,tut! (And surely you rounded off the walk in outdoor-bloggerish-walkeresque fashion with a pint or two of real ale in some quaint hostelry? And if so, what was the brew?) Mark, your blog is just as unwalkmanlike as mine! Best – SW

    PS Great pix as usual – and I like that Thoreau quote.

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