A Sociable New Year’s Day Stroll

For the second week of the holidays we had eleven in the house. We were joined by my Mum and Dad and my Brother and his family, all the way from Zurich. Over the course of the week various permutations of the house party escaped for walks, but on New Year’s Day we all had a climb to the Pepper Pot. We’d hardly left our house when we bumped into some friends and our numbers swelled to sixteen.

Like last year, New Year’s Day was sunny, cold and very frosty.

We had thought to go round to New Barns, as we did then, but getting everybody wrapped up and out of the house took so long that we decided to stay local.

Of course, sunny winter weather in Eaves Wood means that I’m on the look out for…

..backlit leaves! Whether beech leaves amongst the leaf-litter, or brambles leaves…

For those of you who aren’t here for the ‘leaves and stuff’, or haven’t arrived on a bad tip from Google, but want to see some family photos (hi Auntie Jean!), here we all are by the Pepper Pot…

A Sociable New Year’s Day Stroll

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