New Year’s Sunset

My brother took over the cooking duties on New Year’s Day and roasted four ribs of forerib (or pretty close to half a cow). He had the timings organised with military precision and once the beef was in the oven the two of us managed to get away for a longer stroll, much of it in the dark or near dark, but as we walked down Cove road it became clear that we were in line for something pretty special. We couldn’t see the sun, but there was an area of intense light and colour in the sky, as ever being picked up by the water in the channel close to the shore.

The small dot in the water on the right hand side of the photo is a heron.

I haven’t seen herons so often when I’ve visited the Cove of late, perhaps because I haven’t been there so often at sunset. This herons was unusual in that it let me get reasonably close to take a photo. It won’t win any wildlife photography awards, but considering how dark it was, I’m pleasantly surprised by the result.

It was quite hard to tear ourselves away from the light show in the western sky, but I have to report that the roast beef with horse radish sauce, gravy, Yorkshire puddings, roast carrots and parsnips, steamed sprouts and cauliflower was well worth it.

New Year’s Sunset

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