Glowing Angel Hair

A sunny Sunday stroll with A (and her baby doll). As you can see here, the snow had mostly gone except where it had been compacted down to sheets of ice. Principally our driveway. It was still very cold however with plenty of frost and ice. Any walk with A inevitably involves a great deal of conversation, but this was also a walk of distant views to places where the snow lingered: the Howgills from the field near home…

..,Ward’s Stone and Clougha Pike across Carnforth salt marsh from Heald Brow…

…, and Dow Crag and Coniston Old Man as we turned towards home…

It was also, from my point of view at least, another opportunity to attempt to capture the effects of the low winter sunshine, with varying degrees of success. I was particularly struck by the way the light was catching the ‘angel hair’ on traveller’s joy in a hedge.

It was difficult to get quite the shot that I wanted since the seedheads which were lit-up were high in the hedge and reaching up to get a photo from the right angle involved doing battle with a vicious bramble.

Still – backlit seedheads – another totem for the alphabet, and something else to be on the look out for.

Ash buds

And in my search for images of ‘leaves and stuff’ perhaps I shall make more of an effort to include seedheads, buds, bark, cones….

Glowing Angel Hair

3 thoughts on “Glowing Angel Hair

  1. I agree with Ron – I’ve also been inadequate at labeling entries; I now realise more is better. But at least Blogger has a useful search facility, I’m not sure about WordPress.
    It’s the same with lots of small projects isn’t it? They develop lives of their own that couldn’t have been anticipated at the start of the project…

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Windows Live Writer makes it easy to tag entries and so it’s just something I started to do haphazardly without any planning. I wish now that I had used more, less general tags, but actually there is a search facility in the right-hand sidebar which works pretty well. Unfortunately, I can see that many people arrive from search engines looking for something specific but never get to the relevant post, so I assume that not many visitors use the search.
      Little projects really can take over Martin! I’m sure this blog could be a full time job. Now who would pay me to do this…….?

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