Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

So Monday night brought another few inches of snow. Was I off work because of the travel chaos? Well no, I am officially convalescing. I looked up ‘convalesce’ in my dictionary. It says:

verb (intr) to recover from illness, injury or the aftereffects of a surgical operation esp. by resting

No mention of DIY there, contrary to what TBH seems to think, but no mention of regular walks either. I’m assuming however that ‘resting’ implies fresh air and moderate exercise, and a complete avoidance of power tools and paintbrushes to boot!

So on Tuesday morning I set off into a mostly black and white world, with a few fresh flakes beginning to fall, but a thin sliver of pale blue sky just visible above the trees of Eaves Wood to the north. As I climbed the path towards Eaves Wood, I was hit by rather more heavy flurries of snow, but I think that the wind was responsible, fetching snow down from the trees. It’s surprising just how much snow can settle on even the thinnest of twigs…

Once into the woods, I had the briefest view of a bird on a branch, thrush-like, but with an area of red under the wing. I assumed a Redwing, but I haven’t seen them in this area before and the view I had was tantalisingly short. I soon realised that there were lots of birds rustling in the leaf litter underneath the yews, where snow hadn’t settled. I tried hard to get a clear view – I could see that some were Blackbirds, but the other birds moved whenever I did and in the gloom under the yews it was hard to be sure what I was seeing. I finally managed to get an uninterrupted, if somewhat distant view of a bird which continued to vigorously fling leaf litter about as I pointed my camera and hoped. The result was eleven dark and blurred photos of no use to man nor beast and one which after much cropping, although grainy and not much of a picture was at least conclusive…

A distinctive eye-stripe, another moustachial stripe and a red area beneath the wing – it’s a Redwing! I know – it’s a rotten photo – but it does demonstrate how useful my little camera can be as an aid to identifying what I see. (Watch out for better photos in a later post). As I was leaving the wood I turned back to see another bird sitting high on a branch. It had a very pale chest abruptly turning darker higher up. A Fieldfare? Perhaps, but it can only go down as a possible siting, because this time I wasn’t so fortunate with my camera.

From Eaves Wood I dropped down to the Cove…

…where the brown of the mud and a now slightly larger patch of blue sky added some variation to the colour scheme.

A man was mending the benches just along the path to the Lots. It looked like a cold place to be working.

This blog frequently includes pictures of this next view. Some might say too often, but who asked them?

A couple of lads were tobogganing on the Lots and when I got home it was to find that my own kids had been sent home from school too. Good. There’s more to life than books you know…

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

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