Feeling the Seasonal Rhythm

The closer I am to nature the happier I am. I love to be alone with the winds that come up from the other side of the world, to be alone with these hills, some of the oldest on our planet. I like to feel the seasonal rhythm, to be conscious of the rising sap in spring, the maturing of the growth in summer, the tonic of the autumn, the sleep of winter.

Robert Gibbings from Coming Down The Wye

Yesterday I heard the naturalist and writer Sir John Lister Kaye on the radio. His new book ‘At The Water’s Edge’ is about the circular walk that he has walked daily for the last thirty years. He advocates making a connection to the minutiae of nature. I can’t manage the same walk every day, but I did manage  several short walks at the end of last week and also yesterday. One down to the Cove and the others up to the Pepper Pot, in various company but always around sunset.

In Eaves Wood a new area has been fenced off and coppiced…

Our unexpectedly wintery winter continues and conditions change at the Pepper Pot from day to day…

  The sunsets have not been as spectacular as they can be, but satisfying none the less…

At the cove the interplay between sky and water, clouds and river channel are endlessly fascinating. It’s a very peaceful spot and ‘the inevitable heron’ is once again regularly present. It could be a different heron each time of course.

I’ve read both of the Robert Gibbings books which I bought over t’internet. Perhaps the best recommendation I can give is simply to say that I have every intention of seeking out some of his other books. They are very gentle books, full of anecdotes. Although he clearly has an affinity for water, it’s clearly not the only liquid that he’s fond of and his stories are as often from the bar at his local pub as from the riverbank. Of the two I read I think that ‘Coming Down the Wye’ is the most satisfying. The woodcuts in both are excellent.

Feeling the Seasonal Rhythm

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