Pink Mud Sunset

Two post work walks on consecutive evenings – the nights are decidedly lighter. The first was a solo affair in Eaves Wood, a good hours exploration. Nothing much evident in the way of signs of spring in the wood. Having wandered a bit further afield than I have of late I discovered that there seems to have been quite a bit of felling in several parts of the wood. This being a National Trust property this is not commercial felling but part of a management plan. I also noticed that in one older area of felling saplings had been bent over and staked down in arches and that new branches are growing upwards from those bent arches. Why do that?

The walk also yielded a surprise view of Ingleborough over in the Dales. It can often be seen from Castlebarrow, but I was lower down and wasn’t expecting to see it. It is still snow covered and for that reason loomed both larger and closer than it normally does. I took a photo, but it was a very grey afternoon and the result is a dull and grainy affair.

Today was much brighter. This time I was joined by the boys who decided that we should go round via the Lots. Good choice. We didn’t quite make the Cove for sunset, although we caught glimpses of the disappearing sun through the trees as we approached. We might have been there earlier except S set off on his own in completely the wrong direction whilst B and I were still getting ready to go. We spent a few increasingly desperate minutes looking for him in the garden before he reappeared and we finally got going. Further excitement on route was provided by horses and alpacas in road side fields.  On the grassy bank on Cove Road a single Primrose flower has appeared. Two years ago the bank was resplendent in primrose yellow almost a month earlier.

B was very excited by the post sunset sky. “Look Dad the sky’s pink. The water’s pink. The mud’s pink.”

Clearly the pink made a big impression, but there were purples, yellows, oranges and blues there too. Fabulous stuff. All down to air pollution apparently.

That view again.

A final view from The Lots over the cottages on Shore Road.

Pink Mud Sunset

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