A weekend visit back to the snows of January – or so it seemed. We were stopping near Auchterarder as guests of some optimistic time-share sales-people who were labouring under the misapprehension that we have several thousand quid lying around waiting to be squandered. Anyway, in return for listening to their pitch we got a room for a couple of nights, a bottle of wine and a excellent free lunch. We left the kids with the in-laws and so were able to enjoy to the full the opportunity to use the pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, and to sit around and read the paper (or the Millennium trilogy which is keeping me very busy at the moment).

A week before this area had very heavy and very localised snowfall. Although there was a thaw underway, the snow was still pretty deep. Lots of trees had lost substantial branches – hard to believe that the destruction was due to snow. Yet a few miles away there was barely any snow at all.

On the Sunday we drove the short-distance to a snow-free Crieff for a walk along the rivers Turret and Earn and up the diminutive Laggan Hill.

River Earn

We followed a way-marked route called Lady Mary’s walk – once we’d set off we remembered that we’d walked it once before six or seven years ago. Along the route there were several distinctive benches, each with lines of verse etched into the wavy timbers of the seat…

We didn’t see all that much in the way of wildlife, but we did find the entrance to this lair…

Mole’s House


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