On Finding More Things

Saturday’s second stroll was a family affair with three generations of bound beaters. We began in the trough, a slight fault where the bedding plains have turned through ninety degrees so that they run vertically and a softer layer of mudstones has eroded faster then the two layers of limestone which sandwich it. S was on his bike, but the other two kids had great fun exploring the areas above the path, clambering in and out of the trees.

The trough led us to Trowbarrow Quarry….

…where S was fascinated by the climbers and their portable crash mats.

The hazel catkins have changed again and are now more obviously opening. The colour has changed also and where a tree is well covered they make quite a fetching display.

The track which winds its way out of the quarry has a long gradual descent and S went shooting down it on his bike, rapidly disappearing from view. We crossed the golf course and returned to Leighton Moss where we had parked.

It seems that I have become an internet authority on the essay ‘On Finding Things’ by E. V. Lucas after mentioning that I’d read it in a post a while ago. Now a search on google gives my post as the first link and the stats here have swelled to a trickle as a result. Well almost a trickle. In that essay Lucas mentions finding a plover’s nest after a couple of hours of searching. I’m not sure what sort of nest we found – there were no adult birds in attendance, but it didn’t take much seeking out…

Can you spy the eggs in the middle of the clump of reeds?

On Finding More Things

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