Signs of Spring

It’s surely March of which it is said: “In like a lion, out like a lamb.”, but the first of April, after a dodgy forecast, had turned out sunny and surprisingly mild when, in the late afternoon, clouds suddenly gathered which rapidly led to thunder and a fierce hail shower which had it white over in moments. Since then we’ve had some mixed weather, not a patch on the beautiful sunny Easter weekend last year, but not as bad as the forecasts have predicted. After our proper winter this year, spring is finally in full flow.

This black-headed gull, which came to drink from one of the puddles in our drive, has it’s breeding plumage which means it actually has a black head (or at close range – a chocolate brown head) .

These starry lesser celandines in the hedge-bottom on Elmslack Lane were enjoying the sunshine which Easter Saturday brought.

We’ve seen wood anemones in several places…

yew flowers…

New leaves on the honeysuckle…

…and emerging on the sycamores…

…scarlet elf cup at Leighton Moss…

…willow catkins…

..and plenty of spring flowers…

We’ve heard chiffchaffs and drumming woodpeckers in the woods and seen swallows and marsh harriers flying at Leighton Moss. The early plants – dog mercury, arum lily and ramsons are clothing the woodland floor with green. These are the ramsons in Bottom’s Wood…

It’s all colour and action everywhere. Marvellous.

Signs of Spring

One thought on “Signs of Spring

  1. Very beautiful photos of the season which we do not really have here in Finland. Once winter ends (in about four weeks) we’ll have two weeks of spring before everything is green and summer has arrived. I should travel in the real spring to the south to catch some of that beautiful season =)

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