Bee Happy


The weather has begun to change now, and we’ve had a couple of days of cooler temperatures, but on Saturday last, summer was in full swing (and we have to take our summer when we can because it may well rain for the whole of August if the last two summers are anything to go by). After what seemed like several hours on the foot pump, we had a new paddling pool up in the garden, and a garden full of children hoping to enjoy it. The bees decided to swarm again.

You can’t really blame them. Our loft space was not turning out to be the des-res that it had first appeared to be, what with a local bee-keeper having made several visits and attempts to remove them. So they uped-sticks and moved on. The air above the garden was full of bees (TBH tells me up to 40000 in a swarm) and the hum was astonishing. The kids were frightened and retired to the safer environs of the TV. I stuck it out for a while, hoping to light the barbecue, but when bees began to land in my hair I decided that a little discretion was called for…

Soon the air seemed to clear somewhat but one section of the hedge at the bottom of the garden was very busy. After a while, it became clear that he bees were building a new nest in the hedge. Because of its position it was difficult to get a good view, but it seemed to be conical, the surface was crawling with bees, and after little more than a hour it was already quite sizeable.

The bees, most of them anyway, have now gone to a new home in a hive not far from here, but we have souvenirs from our loft…

Honeycomb (without much honey in) and a carrot for scale. Quite a large carrot…perhaps a ruler might have been a better choice?

You can see here that the hexagons on the reverse are perfectly offset, presumably for strength. Clever innit?

Bee Happy

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