Green-Winged Dryads and other Curiosities

Or: An Evening Stroll Around the Lots

Dryad’s Saddle

Which is the walk which has most often appeared in this blog over the last two years? Possibly through Eaves Wood to the Pepper Pot – although there are several possible routes once you’re into Eaves Wood so maybe those would need to be subdivided accordingly. No similar diversity of choices on my bog standard evening trot around the Lots and the Cove, but that would be the other contender for my most oft repeated walk. There may not be much option to vary the route, but there is always something new to see. The Dryad’s Saddle appears every spring on the same tree in the shady lane which runs past the house. At the start of the week I had noticed small nubs emerging from the bark and by Sunday evening they were already quite large.

The light was gorgeous and this horse chestnut was catching that light beautifully. On the Lots a confident blackbird hopped about amongst the meadow flowers…

Speaking of meadow flowers, the Lots are rich in orchids.

A ‘tall’ early purple orchid.

There’s even a little temporary National Trust sign giving some information about the orchids which are early purple orchids and green-winged orchids. In the past I’ve been frustrated trying to tell the difference between the two, or indeed whether or not I have actually found any of the green-winged variety. The sign gave a handy tip: early purples tall flower spike, spotted leaves, green-winged shorter flower spike and unspotted leaves. It took a little searching since the early purples were definitely in the majority, but…

I found one!

The thin distinctive stripes are not present on the early purple orchids at all. Next time I’ll have a better idea what I’m looking for.

The orchids weren’t the only attraction. I’ve often posted photos of bird’s-foot trefoil before, but the colour variation in this unopened flower…

And in this little group…

…prompted me to post some more.

The low sun was catching the dandelion seed-heads  and making them glow. My photo didn’t catch it unfortunately…

By rights, a walk around the Lots and the Cove should include a sunset seen from the Cove…

Green-Winged Dryads and other Curiosities

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