More Moths

A chalk carpet.

All photos from the moth breakfast. All identifications provisional and tentative.

Buff ermine.

The background here is egg-box – placed in the traps for the moths to perch on. The black above is the plastic of the trap itself.

Light emerald.

Dusky brocade……perhaps.

White ermine.

Like a glam rock star, or Vegas period Elvis.

Foxglove pug.

Eats foxglove.

A carpet moth. Possibly grey pine carpet or spruce carpet. Can anybody help?

Pale tussock.

The cinnabar.

The snout.

Don’t know. The engrailed moth perhaps?


Common white wave and….?

Clouded border.

Peppered moth.

One of the other breakfasters, a very generous chap who gave B a marsh harrier badge, was telling me that peppered moths are his favourite because they provide evidence for evolution, and because their evolution was studied in the Lickey Hills near Birmingham.

Treble lines.

The flame.

Buff-tip on a birch twig, which is what it is imitating.

Don’t know….anyone?

Poplar hawkmoth.

Striking, like the on above – I ought to recognise it at once, but instead can’t find it anywhere in the field guide. So we still have no idea what it is.

Garden carpet.

Another fetching but unidentified moth.

There were lots more – a small angle shades, a beautiful golden Y and more which I can’t identify.

More Moths

2 thoughts on “More Moths

  1. Hi there

    I see you require some id’s

    1. Silver-ground Carpet
    4. Is the slightly rarer Dark Brocade
    7. Yes Spruce Carpet
    11. Mottled Beauty
    13. Common White Wave and Willow Beauty
    19. Female Common Swift
    21. Lovely! Small Angle Shades
    22. Green Carpet
    23. Double Square-spot

    Hope that helps.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      That’s really helpful – and extremely generous of – thanks. I see that you have a full blown moth habit – and I can completely see how that would happen. I really fancy one of those traps for my own garden.

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