Moths for Breakfast…..Again

Saturday was a busy day, helping to set up and run our annual village Field Day. A was an attendant to the ‘Queen’, B and S won the team fancy dress as George and the Dragon. They all enjoyed their races, especially S who wanted to run everyone else’s too. The sun shone, the bunting fluttered in the breeze, the brass band played. It was like something from Miss Marple, but fortunately without the murders. When the event was over and the field tidied up those of us who had been involved in organising or tidying up stayed on for a barbecue, rounders, water-pistol fights and football. It made for an usually late night for the kids.

Never the less we were all up early on Sunday to go to the Moth Breakfast event at Leighton Moss. Last year A and I went and enjoyed it enormously. So this year we took B and my Mum and Dad along too. B was tired and once he had tucked into his bacon and eggs, slipped his hand into mine: ‘Want to go home now Dad’.

OK – entertain me!

Fortunately, once the traps were opened he was captivated…



…poplar hawkmoth. Look at those antennae! The moth was flap furiously here and was eager to be away. I didn’t get to hold it like B, but….

  …it did land on my shirt.

Moths for Breakfast…..Again

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