Dad, Dad, Come Outside Quick

And why am I needed so urgently in the garden? Because there is a red admiral on one of our buddleia! My kids know what makes me happy.

And then, whilst I’m still battling the autofocus, the red admiral is gone.

But a peacock arrives to replace it…


And then there are honey bees…

…and a big hairy bumble-bee…

…and hover-flies…

…of several kinds….

Look at that huge….tongue, proboscis, what?…hoovering up the sweet nectar from the flowers. Look at how those legs are so well adapted for balancing on the delicate surface of the flower. Amazing.

Insects love buddleia and so do I.

Dad, Dad, Come Outside Quick

4 thoughts on “Dad, Dad, Come Outside Quick

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Ludcriously shutter happy – guilty as charged, but then that’s the beauty of digital isn’t it? Patient….sometimes maybe.
    Thanks Martin, I hope things are well with you – I’m way behind as ever and have lots of catching up to do!

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