Welsh Castles I – Laugharne

To begin at the beginning: we are just back (well a week back actually) from another holiday in Wales. We stopped in Laugharne where Dylan Thomas lived for many years and which I think was the model for Under Milk Wood. Although we did other things – a marvellous sunny day on Pendine Sands, a dire shuffle around a ‘chocolate farm’ tourist attraction – we seemed to spend a lot of our time visiting castles: hence a series of brief posts on Welsh Castles.

Laugharne is a pretty cool castle – we were particularly pleased to look around because on our previous visits to Laugharne, which were around New Year, the castle has always been shut and we’ve had to content ourselves with a walk around the outside. The castle has a tall tower with a spiral staircase to climb – always a bonus. In the centre of the photo above you can see A and B practising their archery with the bow-and-arrows they had just bought in the gift shop.

Jackdaws on the battlements.

Welsh Castles I – Laugharne

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