Welsh Castles II – Llanstephan

Laugharne Castle sits at the mouth of the Taf and Lllanstephan likewise dominates the mouth of the neighbouring Tywi estuary (and there’s another castle at Kidwelly on the far side of the Tywi, which is also well worth a visit, although we didn’t fit it in this time).

Both Laugharne and Lllanstephan are owned by Cadw, the Welsh heritage people, but unlike Laugharne, Llanstephan is outide the modern village, unmanned and free. What’s more, having climbed the hill to the castle in a shower we had the castle entirely to ourselves. We’ve been to Lllanstephan once before, but didn’t make our planned visit to the castle – I’m glad that we tried again: it’s a fabulous place.

The main gatehouse is the most intact building and it’s possible to climb to the top of the tower on the right. It’s also possible to climb the right hand tower in this building….

…although that does involve an actual climb to begin with and is probably not what Cadw intend. The hill on which the castle sits is small, but none the less the castle has great views along the estuary.

After our trip to the castle, and a spot of lunch in the excellent cafe behind the village store and post office,we went down onto the extensive beach beside the estuary.

Castle Hill seen from the beach.

Welsh Castles II – Llanstephan

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