Delight: Tree Climbing

The boys weren’t very enthused by the prospect of a walk, but when I asked them if they wanted to climb trees in Eaves Wood they jumped at the chance. We all clambered into the welcoming limbs of the old coppiced beech. B grinned knowingly, “You think that this is the best climbing tree Dad……but it’s not.”

A daddy-long-legs spider fled to the underside of a branch, but then sat quite patiently whilst we examined it.

By the small oak at the Pepper Pot there’s a small ash which is also good to climb, although the wind was making the higher branches sway rather disconcertingly.

Of course not all of the trees are fit to climb. This stunted oak is like a rounded topiary shrub…

Shaped that way, I suspect, because of the nibbling deer. It was also festooned with oak galls…

B is agile and fearless and some of the trees which I think he won’t be able to climb into actually easily succumb….

Near to this oak he found a tangled yew with many side branches making a tightly wound spiral staircase. He climbed it and then descended via a neighbouring ash. Like a squirrel. Or the ‘Baron in the Trees’.

Delight: Tree Climbing

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