Autumn Lady Tresses and King Crow

With the kids away at their grandparents’ I was out for an evening stroll earlier then usual, with the sun still shining. As I approached Stankelt Road a mix flock of tits bobbed about overhead in the branches of tree. There were long-tailed tits amongst them and as ever they tantalised me with fleeting photo opportunities.

I dropped down through Fleagarth Wood. At Jenny Brown’s Cottages I could hear an angry chattering – what kind of bird is that? If you put your tongue between your teeth and then suck, and follow that with three loud tut’s, you should get a good approximation. It wasn’t a bird at all though, but a riled squirrel.

Which wasn’t perturbed at all by my interest, but just carried on telling the world how angry he was.

A wader on the sunlight mud-flats.

At Jack Scout, a small sign exhorted me to stick to the path because of the Autumn Ladies Tresses. This is a new flower to me so of course I was anxious to see it. At first I  missed it – I could see plenty of other flowers: harebells, eyebright, wild thyme and more, but not the orchids. But then I tuned in, and suddenly there they all were…

It’s quite a tiny plant, relatively easy to miss. The flowers weren’t all fully open yet, but they seem to spiral like around the stem.

Nearby several low growing thistles, now gone to seed, were silvered by the low sun.

On a sun warmed rocky knoll above me, a crow had found a prominent vantage…

….looking like a cloaked impassive chieftain, master of all he surveyed.

I settled on the stone seat to eat an apple and wait for the sunset.

But was soon up taking photos again when I noticed how the golden light complemented, or maybe complimented, the travellers joy.

And the sun….


Autumn Lady Tresses and King Crow

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