Back to work, and since TBH has now joined me at work and the ankle-biters were away at their grand-parents’, we stayed on the train one extra stop, as far as Arnside and then walked back around the coast. It was a beautiful sunny evening and we were busy chating, so I didn’t take as many photos as I might otherwise have done. But when I stopped to take this picture of the crane’s-bill, as is often the case , I noticed something else too – in this case a grass-hopper amongst the grass below the crane’s-bill.

When we reached the Cove I noticed the bright spot in the sky to the right of the sun.

This is a sundog or parhelion, an atmospheric condition. I don’t think that I have ever seen it before.

When we were crossing the Lots, we realised that there were now two bright spots one either side of the sun. (For some reason I decided not to try to photograph them both, what with the sun being between them – perhaps because of a subconscious recollection of warnings when I was in my teens not to take photos whilst facing towards the sun.)


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