The Man In the Ion Mask


Tiredness dictates a very brief post. Another Sunday off to go list-ticking in the Lakes. The weather was a bit poor, but the company was excellent – CJ and X-Ray completing a Last of the Summer Wine triumvirate.

We climbed Arthur’s Pike, diverted to Loadpot Hill (not part of our original plan) and then returned via Swarth Fell and Bonscale Pike, neither of which feel even remotely like separate hill in their own rights.

It was a rainbow day, although the top half of the rainbows invariably disappeared into the clouds.

Hallin Fell

CJ and X-Ray.

We saw a red squirrel on a dry-stone wall near to Howtown and possibly a peregrine on the slopes of Arthur’s Pike.

And the post title?* Well – I finally got round to replacing my last pair of walking boots ,which gave up the ghost at least five years ago. I splashed out on some Hi-Tech boots with the new-fangled nanotechnology waterproofing. A review may eventually follow. Or perhaps not.

* – The pun is entirely CJ’s work.

The Man In the Ion Mask

6 thoughts on “The Man In the Ion Mask

  1. Mark, the ‘Adventure Sports’ shoes that Hi-Tec sent me after my adverse review of their Ion Mask boots have proved to be somewhat more robust than said boots. See ‘Boots’ label on my blog for more…
    Nice walk BTW

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    I knew that I had read a review! Unfortunatley, I couldn’t remember where I read it or what the import of the review was. My memory is atrociuos! Let’s hope I don’t live to regret it. On a first trial my boots were definitely waterproof. I did find the ankle cuff a little uncomfortable, but I thought that was because I haven’t worn walking boots for several years. I’ve decided to switch back because I’m fed up with wet feet.

  3. This looks more like Wainwright bagging than Birkett bagging – or possibly going for those double ticks. If you can manage a Birkett/Wainwright/Marilyn/HuMP/Hewitt/Nuttall combo (all the same hill) – thats a supertick……

  4. beatingthebounds says:

    Hi Mike
    It was more Wainwright bagging – my companions are Wainwright fanatics and very sneery about Birketts. I had to persuade them to include Loadpot Hill to have an excuse to come back over all of the minor bumps inbetween, one of which was hopefully, probably Swarth Fell.
    As to the Supertick – killing 6 birds with one stone – sounds good to me.

  5. I can fully understand your desire to keep your feet dry.
    I think my Sealskinz socks stayed waterproof for longer than the Ion Mask boots, Mark, but if you do have a problem Hi Tec seem more attentive than most. Both my boots (until they fell apart), and the trail shoes have been extremely comfy, which is sort of essential.

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