Over the Knott

A Friday commute. I stayed on the train an extra stop to Arnside. A wet day seeming to be improving. On the banks of the Kent a cormorant was hanging out to dry – I wanted to get a photo but wasn’t quick enough. I did get his neighbour though…

…a heron having a bad hair day. Bit disappointed with this one since I was relatively close to the heron when I took it. Next time!

I climbed Arnside Knott, from where the views weren’t as spectacular as they can be, all the distance hills being lost in a cloudy miasma.

Descending towards Hollins Farm, I exchanged salutations with a lady walking in the opposite direction. We agreed that the weather had brightened considerably since earlier in the day.

Moments later I was anxiously tracking a fierce looking rainstorm as it tracked towards me across the bay, and moments after that I was hastily clambering into waterproofs as the deluge struck. Fortunately, it was very short-lived and I was soon enjoying the way the low sun in the western sky was dying the clouds with pink whilst the clouds to the east were still a forbidding rain-soaked purple.

Over the Knott

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