Mud Bombs

A very pleasant weekend in convivial company. We were joined by my Mum and Dad and by my cousin and her family, visiting from Germany. On Saturday we walked around the coast to Arnside and discovered the very simple pleasure of making mud balls and throwing them against the cliff…

They made a very satisfying splat on impact.

At New Barns this pair of dragonflies were mating in the middle of the track…

When I approached too close, they even managed to fly away whilst joined together like this. A bit of internet research reveals that the male (the red one here) has deposited sperm in special receptacle on the underside of his own body. He is grasping the back of the female’s head with claspers in the final part of his abdomen whilst she is reaching forward with her own abdomen in order to collect the deposited sperm. I would assume that theses are common darters except for the fact that my my guide says that the female is yellowish brown which doesn’t seem to tally.

Mud Bombs

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