Wasdale Head to Grange

Or: A Dearth of Birketts


Taylorgill Force.

High winds and heavy rain, on top of a slight hangover, didn’t make for a promising start at the Wasdale Head. By the time we started walking however, things seemed to be improving – the wind seemed less violent than the forecast had suggested and the rain had slowed to not much more than a steady drizzle.

Sadly, appearances can be deceptive: by the time we had climbed to Styhead Tarn we were being buffeted by strong gusts and the wind driven rain was finding its way into every nook and cranny. We abandoned any idea of ambitious peak bagging exploits and instead opted to drop down Taylorgill and then to follow the river Derwent down the valley toward Keswick.

We both expected to find a tea-shop at Seathwaite, but the disappointment of being wrong about that was tempered by the relative shelter of the valley and a slackening of the rain. In fact the walking by the river and the accompanying autumn colour was quite pleasant. At Grange there are several tea-shops and after a welcome hot drink in one of them we caught the an open-topped double-decker bus back to Keswick.

Back at CJ’s I changed for the drive home. My new boots had leaked, but then everything had leaked: my coat, my over-trousers and most spectacularly my rucksack The outer ‘waterproof’ cover  of the latter had collected quite a pool in its base which must have made a leak into the main body of the sack inevitable. Ho-hum.

Never-the-less, a marvellous two day trip which hopefully will be the first of many.

Wasdale Head to Grange

7 thoughts on “Wasdale Head to Grange

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing Martin. However I used to use an orange plastic rucksack liner – like one of those emergency bivvy-bags but smaller. That always seemed to do the job and would surely be much cheaper. Just not sure where I would find one.

  2. I used to use those liners (mine were green), £1 each from Blacks or the YHA shop, but those became increasingly lighter duty and the bags from backpackinglight.co.uk (or probably from many shops in Ambleside or Keswick) are far more durable. Definitely useful for hutting/backpacking trips, when there’s nothing worse than wet gear…

  3. At least Taylorgill Force was running pretty well after all that rain!.
    Was the leaking ‘outer cover’ one of those that envelope the whole pack?.

    Years ago I used a cut-down survival bag as a pack liner for a while. Then I switched to Cascade Designs liners which are proof against anything, but a trifle heavy. I also use an Ultrasil liner in summer months when it’s not so critical, considerably lighter.

  4. beatingthebounds says:

    The waterproof cover sits in a pocket in the lid and pulls over the rest of the sack. It doesn’t cover the part which sits against my back, but has an elasticated drawstring to keep it tight over the rest. Previously I’ve had problems with it blowing off in high winds and I was surprised that this didn’t happen on this occasion. Instead the wind seems to ahve blown the rain in between the rucksack and the cover which, as I said, then led to a puddle in the bottom of the cover and very wet stuff inside the rucksack. I will definitely need to get some sort of liners.

  5. Geordiemunro says:

    Leaky boots? Should have stuck with the sandals… maybe

    Its off topic, but enjoying using up my broadband allowance listening to latest gods jukebox on iPlayer. They should have a “download these tracks” button on the site (you’ll no doubt have all the originals on vinyl already!?)

  6. beatingthebounds says:

    Not that leaky!

    I’ve been enjoying it too. This weeks is unusual in as much as soe of the tracks I am familiar with, but one of the reasons I like it is that its where I hear great music which I haven’t heard before.

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