Delight: Slides

Another one of our days out was to Sundown Adventureland.

Which bills itself as ‘the theme park for the under 10’s’. Our under 10’s loved it. But not just the under 10’s. I could tell that my Dad was itching to have a go on this slide. “Go on. Go on…no one’s looking.”

I’d already had a go. You should have heard it groaning and creaking as my great bulk hammered round those tight turns.

72 years young.

Deeply irresponsible and very silly no doubt.

But go back to that first photo and tell me that you don’t fancy a spin.

Delight: Slides

5 thoughts on “Delight: Slides

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Thanks Martin. It was a beautiful sunny day and might have been productively spent on the hills. But the kids enjoyed our visit so much that even if much of the pleasure was vicarious, it was a great day out. I see that you have been having a play of your own – on the go-karts.

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Now you’re talking! I had a great track when I was a kid, which sadly got passed on. Looking forward to buying a layout for my lads (ie for me) when they get a bit older.

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