Up With the Lark

I opened the curtains on mist, frost and a perfect pale blue sky. A thin wave of fine dots advanced across that backdrop – I assumed starlings leaving the roost at Leighton Moss. They were in a long line stretching away in both directions – I imagined a perfect circle of starlings expanding outwards like a ripple on a pond. The view was more than I could resist – I had to get out before breakfast. Did A and B want to join me? Yes. “Can I have bacon and eggs when we get back?” asked B. I’d had the same idea myself.

Outside we found all of the ingredients for an autumn pre-breakfast constitutional. Frosted leaves. Ground-hugging mist. The kids amused by our breath condensing in tiny clouds. Above us on the hillside the houses and trees were glowing in the sunlight, although down where we were the sun had yet to rise.

 Eaves Wood glowing.

 Looking East.

The low-angled sunlight means that it was back-lit leave time and of course I was powerless to resist their charms.


There is also still lots of fungi on display in Eaves Wood.



 At the Pepper Pot.

On sunny days I always appreciate these silver birches. Normally it’s the bark which captures the attention, but this time it was the sun-gilded autumn leaves.

Closer to home, this lime’s leaves were also putting on a great display. Would the village fireworks later be able to compete?

Breakfast was good too.


I was out again later. This time on my own. After a bright and sunny day my circuit of Woodwell, The Lots and The Cove came as the light was ebbing and the sky had finally filled with clouds. A fine leg-stretcher though, and I spotted this poster advertising an interesting sounding evening in prospect on my travels…

Up With the Lark

2 thoughts on “Up With the Lark

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Thanks Mark. I’ve really come to appreciate the special quality of the light on sunny late autumn days. Who knows – I may yet learn to love November.

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