Plan B

Blea Tarn with the Langdale Pikes  (centre) and Side Pike (right) behind.

I met up with CJ again on Sunday for another bout of list-ticking. We had planned to park in Little Langdale and walk the Greenburn horseshoe, but when I arrived the promised ‘limited parking in Little Langdale village’ was more limited then I had hoped. As luck would have it, CJ was right behind me in his car and we drove in convoy up the valley, but found nowhere. We ended up at Blea Tarn where I knew that there is a National Trust car park. The idea was to get off the road and discuss where to go next to look for parking – but now that we were there it seemed like a good idea to walk from Blea Tarn. An obvious target then would be Blake Rigg, from whence on to Pike O’Blisco via the Birkett of Long Crag on Wrynose Fell.

Blake Rigg – our ascent took us to the bottom right of the large crags.

The climb was steep and pathless and CJ, slightly hungover, was thinking that an easier start to the day might have been found.

Getting near to the top – we followed the base of the crag on the right , where water poured down the rocks, and then turned into the gully beyond.

 Langdale Pikes again.

 And again.

 Wetherlam – our original intended destination.

 From Blake Rigg – Pike O’Blisco, Crinkle Crags and Bowfell.

 Looking back to Blake Rigg.

Blake Rigg was quiet and rather wonderful with fabulous views all round.

 Pike O’Blisco.

From the summit of Pike O’Blisco.


Cloud had been brewing all morning and I was quite surprised that we reached the summit of Pike O’Blisco without being plunged into the cloud.  In fact we never were caught in cloud all day, although many other summits and valleys were engulfed.

Langdale valley – Side Pike and Lingmoor on the right, Eastern Fells cloaked in cloud behind.

Cold Pike.

From Pike O’Blisco we continued to Cold Pike. CJ waited whilst I slipped in a slight diversion to include Great Knott,

 Crinkle Crags from Great Knott.

 Pike O’Blisco from Great KNott.

 Cold Pike again.

Pike O’Blisco.

Although we retained sunshine, the weather deteriorated considerably at this point.

 Cloud swallows the Crinkles.

 CJ on Cold Pike.

 The last hurrah of the sunset – light gilding the Irish Sea in the distance


Tiredness dictates a shortish post, but it was a magnificent day on the hill – made all the more so perhaps by the fact that other hills were all around were stuck in the clouds.

PS – it’s official: my new Ion mask boots leak. Ho-hum.

Plan B

5 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. I really like your “Clouds swallowing Crinkle Crags” picture.

    Going for a walk at this time of the year in the Lakes is wonderful – snow scattered tops, very few people about and a roaring fire in the Old Dungeon Ghyll.It’s great to get out!

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    I did. But then I forgot about reading it – to my cost! The sad thing is that I find the boots extremely comfortable – unitl my feet are soaked and even afterwards if they warm up again.

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