The Missing Month

I don’t know what happened – I was busy and suddenly a month had whizzed by without any posts. In the meantime – it was dark, and mostly pretty cold. Sometimes very cold: –11 degrees Celsius one morning. I still walked to and from the railway station some days, eventually in the dark. Before it got too dark I would encounter starlings in both directions, always travelling in the opposite direction to me. In the mornings they would be flying high and quite spread out, in the evenings flying very low in tight groups, sometimes the noise of their wings would surprise me as they rushed overhead. I was surprised to see bats on the fringes of Hagg Wood until well into November.

One morning, walking in thick mist, I looked up for the starlings and realised that I could see blue sky directly above. As the sun rose the mist ahead was suffused first with pink and then with more fiery oranges and reds.

As usual there were weekend forays into Eaves Wood in various company. The boys found another ‘new’ route to the Pepper Pot, which crossed limestone pavement…

… finished with a short scramble  up the rocks on the right here…

…and led to a great viewpoint:








Season’s greetings to the blogosphere and all who sail its tides!

The Missing Month

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