The Holly and the Ivy

The holiday season has been and gone, the decorations are safely stowed away for next year and I’m back at work. Somehow I’ve managed to let the blog slip again – not that I have a lot of walking to report upon. We did stroll for lunch at the Wolfhouse Gallery a couple of times, and of course there were walks in Eaves Wood.

I haven’t seen the mobs of waxwings which have apparently been marching up and down Stankelt Road bearing banners and placards with slogans like ‘We’re over here chump, how can you miss us?’, but there were redwings and fieldfares in Eaves Wood, and after last winter’s cold-snap I’m much more aware of what I’m looking for when there are mixed thrush flocks about.

I also managed to get a photo (of sorts) of one of the pee-wits in Potter’s field:


Before the thaw arrived and left everything sodden, we had some very fine days and an impressive build up of frost.

Frost ‘flowers’ on the ivy.

Probably appropriate to follow with…

I made it down to the Cove once too, where the frost picked out the trees beautifully.

From Cove Road.

Here is the crew after the candle-lit service on Christmas Eve:


A belated Happy New Year to all who drop by.

The Holly and the Ivy

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