Boundary Riding

Mike's Beating The Bounds Pic

from the Mike Moon Postcard Collection

Another get together of outdoor bloggers? Could be – note the beards and soft-shell fabrics.

Actually it takes us back to where this blog began almost three years ago – with the idea of beating the bounds. This, according to the flag held by the man on the left (who looks like the Skegness Jolly Farmer),

…is from the Silverdale Boundary Riding of 1895 (I think, the last digit of the year is hard to read).

2011 is a bicentennial year for Silverdale. There have been homes and farms here for much longer than 200 years, but the significance of 1811 (I think) is that that was when Silverdale became a parish in it’s own right. Many events are planned to celebrate that anniversary, one of which is a beating the bounds walk. I can’t imagine that there will be such a fine display of facial hair this year, but hopefully I will be there to document the event.

Some of the men are barefoot, and it looks as though the assembled men and boys are stood on sand/mud rather than grass. When I first moved to Silverdale there was an extensive grassy foreshore. Photographs in Brain Evans excellent guide to the area show that foreshore extending further South along the coast than it did when I knew it. Now it has almost entirely gone. Apparently the channel of the Kent moves back and forth across the estuary in a cyclical fashion. At present Grange has a foreshore. In time that too will disappear and ours will return.

Thanks to Mike for sending me the photo and prompting this post.

Boundary Riding

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