Flash Mob* Walk

We received the call by email:

10am start at Holgates on Sat 26th Feb.
Bring family, dogs, cats whoever you like.
The plan is to walk over the field to Hollins farm, up the hill and over Arnside Knott, then to drop down to the beach and along to Arnside. Either chips or a cafe followed by the train home, or for the more enthusiastic a walk back if you like.
Dress for the weather and the terrain (there will be some mud I am sure, and the kids will find it)

We walked to Holgates, past the first primroses on the bank on Cove Road, and found that many others had heeded the call too. I never did a head-count, because…well I don’t always have to be Teacher, but there were over 20 present. Despite a less than promising forecast the weather did us proud. We did climb the Knott via Hollins Farm. We had fish and chips on the prom, and yes the kids found the mud and swam in it, or at least it looked like some of them had.

Whilst the kids (well mostly the boys) ran around like loons, the adults enjoyed the opportunity for a good chinwag.

Near to the trig pillar on the Knott, this tree must have fallen over quite some time ago, but some of its roots must have survived the fall and all of the branches have grown upwards from the recumbent trunk.

The views from Arnside Knott are almost always good value. The hills picked out by the sunshine are Gummer How in the centre and the Langdale Pikes to the left and behind that.

This nest was very poorly concealed, under a heather in a garden on Arnside Prom. Had it been abandoned?

Rainbow over the Kent.

The train times didn’t work out too well, but a knight in shining armour organised some lifts. Did anybody find the enthusiasm to walk home again? Suffice to say that in A’s worldview a walk to Arnside is followed by a walk back from Arnside as surely as night follows day: a much smaller party returned by shank’s pony – of which more…..

*I realise that I have certainly misunderstood what a Flash Mob actually is, but I liked the idea.

Flash Mob* Walk

3 thoughts on “Flash Mob* Walk

  1. Nice to have such group walks where people of different ages are participating! And yes, it seems to be a universal fact that the kids will find the mud and they will play with it… 🙂

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