Over the Crag…at Last!

Another sunny Thursday. Circumstances have conspired against my walking commute home from Carnforth, but this week I was able to reinstate the habit – hopefully for the first time of many. I had to be home in order to go out again, so I took the most direct route: through Carnforth, Millhead and Warton, over the Crag and down to Cragfoot, across Quaker’s Stang, Fleagarth Wood, Hollin’s Lane, Clarke’s Lot, Pointer Wood, Silverdale Green and home. The route across the fields between Millhead and Warton is once again flooded (see above) after heavy rain earlier in the week.

On Warton Crag most of the blackthorn is liberally covered in small tight red buds, but I found some open blossoms.

View North from near the top of the Crag – over Arnside Knott to the distant Lakeland hills.

Is the beacon pole leaning a little more on each visit?

Wood Sorrel leaves – very tasty in a citrusy sort of way.

What’s this – a gear test for some sort of minimalist bivvy/tent? (With over ambitious firewood pile?)


…it seems not.

The ‘little tent’ was fenced off and on one of the fence poles a small plastic dogbowl held….

The uppermost fly was still frantically swimming around in circles. Presumably this was an expected consequence of leaving the bowl out and is part of the survey? I wonder whether there is something in the liquid in the bowl to attract so many insects?

Wild cherry flowers.

By contrast with higher on the more exposed south face of the Crag, down at Cragfoot all of the blackthorn was flowering.

Barrowscout Fields.

The bridge where the railway crosses Quicksand Pool.

Which has several small stalactites and one larger calcium carbonate feature.

Ground ivy.

Over the Crag…at Last!

6 thoughts on “Over the Crag…at Last!

  1. Great idea I’ll dig a pit on Warton Crag put some pointed sticks in the bottom then cover it over with thin branches and leaves to count how many Insect killer dead wildlife conservationist counters I can catch, and count !

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Sounds like a plan Danny.
      How will you ensure that only ‘Insect killer dead wildlife conservationist counters’ fall into your pointy stick traps? Definitely not a good idea to bait the traps with Honey – who knows who might fall in?

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thanks very much – I will check your website and add it to my blogroll (don’t hold your breath for thousands of new visitors!).
      I upload the pictures to flickr first then usually assemble the posts by adding the photos one evening and writing the text around those on another evening.

  2. I really envy your walk’s home at this time of year. I have to make do with pleasent drives home through the Wye Valley, although I’m planning on doing some short walks in the Black Mountains on my way home from Bristol when the weather is good enough

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It is a bit bloody marvellous. Put your project manangers hat on – there must be some way you can squeeze some evening walks in somewhere in your schedule?

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