A Sunny Stroll

Blue skies; oak trees coming into leaf.

Trying to dispel the back-to-work-blues today by recalling a couple of short pre-prandial strolls.

Over the last several days we have been enjoying a wonderfully settled spell of unseasonably warm weather. Being at home you might think that I would be taking advantage and beating the bounds with a vengeance, but in fact I didn’t do a great deal of walking. The kids were content to play in the garden and so we’ve spent much of our time there – barbecuing lunches and even reading a book in the sunshine – haven’t had the chance to do that since…well, since I don’t know when.

The first stroll began with a trip to see some friends on the Row to lend out the book in question, having finished it: ‘Wolf Hall’ by Hilary Mantel (which I can heartily recommend). I also had an opportunity to have a sneak preview of some of the work which will be exhibited on this year’s Art and Craft Trail, and to watch some of it being produced. (If you live nearby or fancy a weekend in this neck of the woods the art and craft weekend would be a fabulous time to visit.)

I don’t know if it’s all the sunshine we’re having but it seems to me that many that many of the dandelions I passed as I continued on my stroll were particularly tall and featured enormous blooms.

I was headed for Haweswater….

…which is a very secretive little lake, hard to see properly from almost any vantage point.

A heron laconically flapped over as I headed down to the lake. As I came back I caught a brief glimpse of a large raptor overhead – I think that it was a marsh harrier.

Crossing Sixteen Buoys field I heard a bird call, an insistent ‘seep-seep-seep’ which I traced to one of two robins.

The robin on the right was back and forward to the ground and was clearly passing food to the other bird, which I assume is a fledgling.

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the dandelions.

I came back through Eaves Wood, partly to check on the toothwort which I suspected I would find there: I did and it transpired that it was in slightly better nick than the toothwort near Haweswater – it seems to be thriving too and has spread over a wider area then I remember it covering. The low sun was doing a fine job of lighting the new beech leaves and displaying their wonderful pale green – a favourite feature of this season.

I think that the second stroll will have to wait for another post since my duvet is calling to me.

A Sunny Stroll

6 thoughts on “A Sunny Stroll

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      You’re right of course – a good book in the sunshine is a great way to enjoy the outdoors – I’m just greedy: I want to get out for plenty of walks too!

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