A Feast of Flowers

Honesty and some garlic mustard.

This being the walk which didn’t quite make it into the last post, and which is now so over due for a write-up that some of the flowers featured might by now have finished flowering. Actually this first photo is from the previous walk and somehow was left out. The honesty seems to be very successfully colonising  this area.

This dead nettle springs up in the same spot each year along the perimeter of a field, and with its variegated leaves I suppose it’s probably an escapee from the garden on the other side of the wall behind.

A came with me on this short stroll. We went across the fields to Pointer Wood. The area in the limestone pavements where primroses seem to thrive has reached its full glory…


Unlike the it’s cousins the wild cherries which were flowering nearby, and which are of a very tall and thin and upright, this crab apple is small and spreading – it’s so bent that it’s almost a weeping apple.

It was laden with blossom and humming with insect life, particularly bees…

…but not exclusively…

The amazing weather we’ve had seems to have brought everything on early. The early purple orchids were looking particularly fine…



A Feast of Flowers

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