A Mosedale Round

Wastwater and the Screes from the southern end of Yewbarrow


The steep descent off the northern end of Yewbarrow. The Scafells behind.


Kirk Fell from the tarn on Looking Stead.

Scafells seen across Wastwater.

So what did you do whilst the Royal couple were getting hitched? Me and the kids were camping in Wasdale with a bunch of old friends. And very fine it was too. TBH opted to stay at home to watch the telly, but then drove up to join us on the Friday afternoon.

I’d managed to pack my camera but without a memory card in it, so I have no photographic record of most of the trip. I borrowed TBHs camera for my walk over Yewbarrow, Red Pike, Black Crag, Pillar and Looking Stead. As you can see it was a very fine day, with great views both of the local hills but also of the Isle of Man and of the Dumfries and Galloway coast right round to the Mull of Galloway. It was like this for pretty much the whole extended weekend. What the pictures can’t convey is just how windy it was. Which was…well, very windy.

Memories of the weekend:

The bluebell woods on our mass kiddie walk to Santon Bridge.

S climbing on the high parapet of the bridge over the Irt on the same walk, and then banging his head when I shouted at him to get down. I shouldn’t have shouted, but it was my immediate reaction when I saw how precarious his position was.

Cherry blossom blowing across the campsite like confetti.

Tents blowing across the campsite…just kidding. But we did wake up one morning to find the campsite had substantially emptied overnight and the bins were full of tents. Our tent was looking a little the worse for wear too – all of the rubber guying points along the front of the awning had split. Apparently further up the valley at the National Trust campsite things were even worse with about two thirds of the tents destroyed.

Starlings nesting in the toilet block. Pied flycatcher nesting near the washing-up area.


Hearing a cuckoo from the campsite and trying to get the kids to hear it whilst they still can.

The campsite we stayed at was Church Stile at Nether Wasdale, which I can recommend without reservation.

The walk above was about 10 miles, starting and finishing at the Overbeck  car park, with lots of up and down.

A Mosedale Round

2 thoughts on “A Mosedale Round

  1. Shame you forgot the memory card – I always look forward to my nature lesson when I read your blogs! Cracking weekend though. My blog post should be up by now so hopefully I captured the essence of the weekend

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