It’s That Time Again!

The Lady’s-Slipper Orchid is flowering.


There’s due to be an open day at Gait Barrows, on the 2nd of June I think, for people to go and see the orchids planted there as part of the Kew Gardens scheme to re-establish a healthy wild population, but with the orchids flowering very early this year you have to wonder whether they will still be flowering by then.

I was walking home from the train station and had just seen a male broad-bodied chaser. (I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture on this occasion but here’s a link to one I took last year if you are intrigued.)

I decided to detour across Lambert’s Meadow.

The bugle is flourishing and has spread out from the edge of the field where I’m sure it used to be confined to.

That same spot is dominated by bluebells.

Water avens too seems to be spreading along the edge of the ditch from the woodland around Burton Well.

It’s That Time Again!

One thought on “It’s That Time Again!

  1. I love your shot of the bluebells. Such a brilliant shade of blue. Great water avens picture, too. I was speaking to a visitor to my work about photographing bell-shaped flowers and we mentioned Water Avens as a particular favourite.

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