An Eaves Wood Stroll

We were all off last week and holidayed at home. We managed to fit in some kite flying, some beach cricket, quite a bit of cycling, some lounging in the garden and one trip to the Duddon valley of which more later. We didn’t do a great deal of walking, but we did take one stroll in Eaves Wood. Before we even really set-off I was distracted – on the glorious lupins which TBH has planted by our garage a bumblebee caught my attention, or rather the very bright pollen basket by its hind legs caught my attention.

Before we reached Eaves Wood we had called on a couple of friends, who joined us, and walked past the garden of another friend who also decided to come along so that when we entered the woods we were eight in number, three adults and five children. The children were very happy and soon disappeared, exploring and playing imaginative games.

Meanwhile I’m taking my first faltering steps in trying to identify grasses etc. I think that this might be the female flowers…

…and the male flowers…

..of glaucous sedge, which is apparently very common, and likes calcareous soils, which is generally what we have, although confusingly, it was growing close to…

…bell heather which needs acid soil so make of that what you will.

We paused for quite some time on Castlebarrow, the adults sitting, chatting and taking in the view, the children running around and generally expending some energy in a healthy way.

On the way down, almost inevitably, we stopped at the big coppiced beech, officially Eaves Wood’s second best climbing tree, for some clambering and swinging etc.

Great fun was had by all.

An Eaves Wood Stroll

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